After you've finished your purchase on our website, here's what you can expect next:

1.    Order Confirmation 

Woohoo, your purchase is complete! You'll receive an e-mail at the address you provided with all the details. This e-mail is proof that your order's been logged in our system.

2.    Payment Received

As soon as your Emma order hits our system, we'll check the payment method you used to wrap up the purchase. This step can take up to 2 days, depending on the method. What if there's a hiccup with the payment? No worries! You'll get an e-mail explaining what happened and asking you to place a new order, using a different payment method.

3.    Order Preparation 

Once we've confirmed payment for your order, your request goes to our warehouse, and that's where the magic happens. We'll get everything ready so you can receive it at your place in no time.

4.    Order Ready for Dispatch 

When your Emma is all set and snug in its packaging, the carrier will come to pick it up. At that point, you'll get an e-mail with a nifty tracking link so you can follow every step of your delivery. Curious about which couriers Emma works with? Stay tuned, we're about to tell you!

5.    Order on Its Way 

Now, your order's in the safe hands of the courier, just a hop, skip, and a jump from your home! As soon as your Emma products arrive, the carrier lets us know, and you get an e-mail confirming the delivery. Then your trial adventure begins, so you can make the most of our products.

How do I know exactly when my order is arriving? That info's in the hands of the delivery companies: Rhenus, DPD and UPS. You'll get updates directly from the courier and can find the right info on the courier's portal. Keep an eye out!

6.    Enjoy! 

Get the most out of your new Emma products! We want to be part of your best nights' sleep, and we can't wait to hear what you think! Tell us everything; we want your feedback. We'll be sending a survey shortly. Watch this space!