Creit or debit card payments are completed in two steps:

Authorizing a payment means that the payment provider verifies your bank account has enough funds to cover the transaction, but the funds are not actually transferred at that time. This is done by temporarily placing a hold on the funds, without actually transferring them. If the authorization is successful, the order will be created and we will start processing this order.

Charging a payment happens, when the transaction is submitted for settlement and the funds are transferred from your bank account to our Emma bank account. The charge normally happens 24 hours after the authorization.

Sometimes, depending on your bank, both transactions may appear on your bank statement for a certain period of time. You can be assured that your card has only been charged once and the temporary authorisation will either disappear from your statement or you will see a reverse transaction.

In summary, authorization is the process of verifying that the customer has sufficient funds available, while charge is the process of actually transferring the funds from the your bank account to our Emma account.